Our Story

The idea of caring for loved ones' needs began long ago for Randy and Christine Kamenetsky. It started when Randy was seven years old and his family immigrated to the United States of America from Ukraine. While Randy's parents pursued the American dream of owning their own business, his maternal grandmother raised him. His parents were often gone thirteen hours a day, seven days a week. In gratitude for his grandmother's influence in his life, Randy promised his grandmother that he would help her stay in their family home and take care of her when she needed his help. His love for his grandmother, coupled with the American Dream and his parents' work ethic, inspired him to combine his entrepreneurial spirit with a business that would help seniors stay in the comfort of their homes when they needed care. 

A Dream to Serve

This dream did not come to fruition right away for Randy. He had a deep love and appreciation for the opportunities the United States had given him and his parents and felt he owed the country his service before he attended college. His love for his country led him to join the army after high school. He served with honor until he was wounded while on duty. He was then honorably discharged. After the military, Randy attended Towson University, where he graduated in 1996. After graduating, Randy spent years in corporate America and decided he needed more. He wanted to own his own business and serve others where he could see his service's impact on families daily.

Fond Childhood Memories

Although they had not met, Christine shared a deep love for her grandparents. Both Christine's parents worked full-time for the government. Every summer from about nine to thirteen, she and her older brother traveled to Rhode Island to stay with her maternal grandparents for the entire summer. These memories are some of the fondest of her childhood. The stories, wisdom, and knowledge she gained from her summer visits with her grandparents significantly impacted her life. 

Christine also promised her grandparents that she would help them stay in the home they loved, the one in which she had so many fond memories for as long as possible. Fortunately, the family was around to take care of her grandparents when her grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, and her grandmother was later diagnosed with Dementia. Christine saw the toll taking care of her grandparents had on her family and how helpful it was when caregivers came in to provide respite for stressed-out family members. Initially, the caregivers were from their church, as no agencies offered these services. Toward the end of her grandfather's fourteen-year fight with Alzheimer's, caregivers had been hired around the clock. Christine was in Virginia and felt terrible guilt that she could not take part in the care of her grandparents except for visits. However, she was relieved that the family up north was given respite from the caregivers.

A Fated Meeting 

Christine and Randy met by fate in college. After college, Christine pursued a Master's degree in social work. After, she worked with mentally ill adults and seniors with Dementia. She always felt the need to give back and help others in need. 

The Kamenetsky's have served seniors in the Northern Virginia community since 2003. In 2003, Randy and Christine decided to put their passions into senior home care. They opened their home care business to pursue their dreams of owning their own business, giving back to the community, and aiding seniors.

—Client's Family in Arlington

I would not hesitate to use Colonial Home Care again. I would strongly recommend them to anyone who needs care.